Nachi Glick

On Yourself
What does self-discovery mean to you?


Anything about self-discovery should be fun. Your life should be an Adventure. I believe you should just do it and not think too much. That will tell you who you really are.


On Sexuality
How do you give yourself pleasure?


Being alone and having quiet “me” time. I’m very active, so I can just go to the park and walk, run, bike, etc. and just be beyond happy. But honestly anything that allows me to be in my own zone, like driving a car, or taking a ritual bath or a long shower just makes me sane.


On Womankind
What’s your favorite part about being a woman?


I know it is such a typical answer, but definitely pregnancy. I had lots of difficulty getting pregnant and had plenty of complications during my pregnancies. It took me 5 years to get pregnant the first time around. But after my belly started to grow, day by day, I felt happier. Sharing my body with someone for 9 month took me to another level.