Erin Looney

On Yourself
What's your favorite part about being a woman?

Our endurance. The mental and physical capabilities of women exceed over multiple generations.

What does self-discovery mean to you?

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable and acknowledging that we are in the right place at the right time.

On Sexuality
How do you ask for what you want?

I am deserving of my needs and wants.

I think that statement helps me to understand that there is nothing wrong with asking for what I want.

On Womenkind
What is your relationship to your sexuality?
What advice would you have for women early in their self-discovery?
In terms of pleasure, what do you think women don’t talk about enough?

At this moment, I feel curious to live without any questions left unanswered in regard to pleasure. I want to make sure I am comfortable expressing with full transparency what I need to be fulfilled sexually. I know that when I listen to my sexual desires, I am choosing to live in alignment with my authentic self.

Everything flows in the way it's meant to move. Choosing self-discovery is being open to changes that will accelerate your purpose and happiness to live. My advice will always be to move a little step or a big step, either one is moving in the right direction.

Exploration of kinks. Sharing our fantasies and why we love them.

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