Erica Choi

On Yourself
What’s your favorite part about being a woman? What does self-discovery mean to you?

My name is Erica Choi and I am an NYC-based creative director, licensed esthetician, and founder of Superegg skincare. I am a true Virgo and INFJ.


I love our intuition, emotional intelligence, and empathy. We are able to build a support system for each other, and as I get older, I’m realizing that more and more, these relationships are something to nurture and treasure.


Self-discovery is about taking it day by day and being able to look back and see who you were and where you are now. It’s about the journey, seeing the growth in various aspects of your life and being.

What is your relationship to your sexuality?

It’s been a slow evolution coming from a traditional upbringing. It has been quite shushed growing up. I am becoming more comfortable with my body and thoughts as it is ever-evolving as the years progress.

On Sexuality
In terms of pleasure, what do you think women don’t talk about enough?

I think what has been missing is honesty and openness. Historically in my culture, women can be quite vulnerable in the world of intimacy with minimal guidance when it comes to embracing one’s ‘womanness’.


Whether you are going through puberty or menopause, I look forward to a place where support and understanding are given of these significant changes to our bodies (and minds) and we can openly embrace our relationship to sexuality.

On Womenkind
What advice would you have for women early in their self-discovery?

It is about patience and only doing whatever you are comfortable with, alone or with another. As with all else in life, never force, but always be curious. Our mental, emotional, and physical health is all intertwined so it is vital to tend to the wellness of all of them together.

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