Kiyoe Ito

On Yourself
What’s your favorite part about being a Birth Doula? What does self-discovery mean to you?

My favorite part of being a doula is BEING. When I am with my client waiting for the baby's arrival, I can naturally put any fear, worry, anger, and self-attack behind me.


It's a devotion, I just love the person in front of me and heartily wishing and waiting to welcome the baby. At the moment, I can feel love and oneness and I am able to feel I am just being myself .


To witness the miraculous moment, it's truly healing for me.


Self-discovery means to remember I am ENOUGH. I often forget about this and get scared. I was able to find this through being a doula.


Knowing that I can be helpful to someone, by just being me, is so relieving and healing.


Why did you become a Birth Doula? What has been the most rewarding aspect and most challenging?

I was working for a maternal and child health program as a nurse in developing countries before moving to New York City. I knew my interest was in maternal health so I looked for a job correlated to motherhood & found vocation. The rewarding aspect of being a Doula has been being able to witness the moment of beautiful souls come into this world. The challenge is I don't know when it will happen so my time is quite unpredictable.

On Being a Doula
What is the relationship dynamic between you and your clients; iss there anything you are trying to destigmatize? What advice would you give to those who want to become a Birth Doula?

As a doula, my desire is that my clients have wonderful experiences of their birth in their own way. My role is just to send my love and to witness the most wonderful moment that the beautiful soul gives birth and another beautiful soul comes to this world.
I always avoid judgemt and bias even when the client's birth preferences are totally different from mine. We are all different, it is ok to have different opinions. Each person has a right to have a birth, the way they wish. I really respect that.
There are several doula organizations and trainers. Do research then choose the one you like. I took my birth doula workshop through Birth Day Presence and was trained by Debra Pasclai-Bonaro, whom I really admire.

On Motherhood
What advice would you give to expectant mothers for their birth journey?

I would recommend doing as mcuh research as possible. Choosing the right physician, childbirth educator and doula, is an integral part of making your birthing experience satisfying and safe.
If you want to hire a doula, meet as many as you want and choose someone you feel comfortable being with. Imagine who you want to be with during your labor and birth to welcome your baby.
No compromise; try to bring your awareness and follow your intuition. You can ask your friends, physician, or pre-natal class teachers for their recommendations.
The doulamatch.net is also a good tool to find a doula local to you.

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