Our Founder

Her Place creates space for her body, her sex life, and womankind

- without shame, fear, or the patriarchal gaze. Championing sexual health, the lifestyle brand empowers women and their allies to share personal stories, rediscover pleasure, and foster community.

In February 2022, Her place will launch an array of pleasure products that speak to the community intuitively, inviting people to reintroduce romance and sensuality to the body and the physical space. Each thoughtfully made product is made for and by our community — intersecting women and women allied, people of the global majority, LGBTQ people, and the creative world.

Joyce Lee grew up between two cultures:

Culturally conservative Seoul and open-minded New York. Though women-centric pleasure is still considered taboo in her birthplace, Joyce is continuously inspired by the sex-positive women in her life who have guided her journey of rediscovery. With Her Place, Joyce doesn’t want to just break Asian American stereotypes. She wants to create space for other women to grow alongside her.

Women are more sexually liberated than ever, feeling free to express themselves in very big and loud ways. While awesome, this alienates women of discerning taste levels to express their sexuality without becoming a cliché.
We have an opportunity here to take back our sense of intimacy, romance, and selfhood."

Her place. Photo Essay

Photo Essay Her place. was launched to make sexual health approachable and empower women to share their personal stories.

As part of our mission to create space for women to express their sensuality without shame, fear, or the patriarchal gaze, we’re asking women to invite us into their most intimate space.

Whether that’s her bedroom, her favorite corner of the house or her favorite outdoor space, this is where we’ll open up dialogue. She will be in total control, photographing herself and answering questions via email, audio, or video call in conversation form.