On Yourself
What does self-discovery mean to you? What’s one thing you wish people knew instinctively about you?

Self-discovery means embracing all qualities within and outside of myself. It means recognizing "perfection" to be a quality for Eurocentric standards of beauty and sociality and instead choosing to embrace nature.


Gender is complex and any assumptions you've made based on my outward expression is your business and not mine.

What advice would you have for other LGBTQ+ people early in their self-discovery?

Choose to be in community with folks who affirm you in ways that make you feel safe and secure. It's natural to develop your sense of self in proximity to others just as much as when we're alone. It isn't about individuality. You'll learn a lot about yourself in community with others.

On Sexuality
What is your relationship to your sexuality & body?

My relationship to my body informs so much. Where I find comfort I also find privilege. Where I find strength others find fugitivity. I embrace it for what it is but like all things I am critical. Just maybe not in the way most would think.


My sexuality is so important to me. It fascinates me and continues to intrigue me. I've learned to see intimacy as an extension of my many expressions rather than what society feeds us in the media and within patriarchal structures.

On Pleasure
Outside of sexual pleasure, how else do you give yourself pleasure? Why is it important?

I find pleasure in detail. After I shower at night I spray myself with parfum as a last step. I dream on sheets that have a particular texture, not unlike silk or satin. I find pleasure in smell and touch. I tend to swathe myself in sensuality. Like extending that one second you rub your lips across someone else's. This is one medium of poetry for me.

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