Marisa Bryant

On Yourself
What’s your favorite part about being a woman? What does self-discovery mean to you?

Cancer Sun, Moon


I’m Marisa Bryant, a serial entrepreneur and true lover girl. I write my feelings with a pencil.


I love being a woman because we are the seed of life. The flower that blooms. I believe I was put on this earth to heal and nurture others. Women are the source of life and although I’m not a mother I feel I exude that loving energy everyday.


Also being a woman in my experience comes with a lot of emotions. It's been an honor to live and feel each moment.


Self discovery means finding the fountain of youth. That fountain of youth I’m talking about is self-love. It becomes a forever thing and indestructible. When you love yourself so much you can unconditionally spread that back to others.

How does your sun sign relate to your venus when you’re in love?
How do you ask for what you want? What is your relationship to your sexuality?

Being a cancer is like an initial contract that your whole life is going to be filled with passion. I go above and beyond when I’m in love it’s natural to me. Every outlet of my life I want love to run through.

I’m working on communicating my love language right now. I’m delicate and sensual. I need that to be understood by my lover or it becomes non significant to me. I won’t partake in a romantic relationship if I’m not vibrating in that energy field of love without restraints.

On Desire
What drive’s your passions and desires? How do you please yourself?

Virgo Mars


Love drives everything I do. I’m very particular about detail. I'm dropping my brand called Lovers Quarrel this year.


My passion is to communicate my feelings to the world poetically. What they do with the message or interpretation is the point. To feel something.


I desire nothing because I have everything I need presently. I’m pleased every time I wake up and get a new chance at life, breath, and the power to love.

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