Lily Baek

On Yourself
What does self-discovery mean to you?

I enjoy various adventures on work and hiking, traveling, even driving, etc. also I enjoy finding myself through new experiences and contemplating my consciousness. I always try to do mindfulness practices and find my consciousness at the same time. These processes of finding myself are the motivation of my life.

How do you ask for what you want?

I am a simple and easy-going person, so if I have something I want, I question and express myself to the other person.

On Sexuality
How do you give yourself pleasure?

I always try to figure out what I want, and if I have something I want, I tend to give a gift to myself right away. Whatever I want is.


On Womankind
What’s your favorite part about being a woman?

Instead of having favorites because I am a woman, I like myself because I am myself regardless of my gender. And I like how my self is such a woman. I hope to become a woman equal to men.



What advice would you have for women early in their self-discovery?



I believe my life is a lifetime process of learning who I am. Even now, I still learn something new about myself every day. I am sure that if I enjoy this journey the way it is, every day will be different. I believe everything starts from the attitude and heart of one’s self. Do not be afraid of learning who you are.



In terms of pleasure, what do you think women don’t talk about enough?


As you know, both men and women are embarrassed to talk about sexual tastes and pleasures in Asian culture. But I don't think I have to be honest about everything. I hope you act freely according to your personality and tendency. Because people have different personalities. Just act like the way you.

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