Lauren Jimenez

On Yourself
What’s your favorite part about being a woman? What does self-discovery mean to you?

Gemini Sun


I go by Lauren, LJ, or Lalo. My mom always called me “La Loquita” growing up, and Lalo stuck. I’m a late May Gemini, Aquarius Moon, and Libra Rising. All air!


My favorite part about my womanhood is my adaptability. Feminine energy curves and moves fluidly; swerving around obstacles with mutability and finesse. Having a plan is ideal; life itself is not. Being able to move with and not against the circumstances around us is something I find women to be naturally exceptional at.


I recall watching my mom, a young mother from Colombia who barely spoke any English. Whenever things went wrong or got complicated, I never saw her break a sweat. Not even when the odds were stacked against her. She would accept what was, start over or adapt. I’ve always kept that with me.


My self-discovery is rooted in my healing. The more I commit to identifying and unlearning ways of being that were born out of lack and urgency, the more I’m able to make room for who I am outside of survival. Self-discovery to me is the rediscovery of who I am, and coming back to myself over and over again…as many times as it takes, no matter how far I’ve strayed.


Every time I think I’ve gotten to the root and arrived at the lesson, I’m quickly humbled by how much unraveling it takes to get to that little girl inside me who just wants to be seen, loved, and accepted.

How does your sun sign relate to your venus when you’re in love?

My Gemini sun and Cancer Venus definitely play a bit of tug of war when I’m in love.

My Gemini wants to keep things fun, light, and playful, while my Cancer craves a more grounded and deepened form of intimacy.

Though they tussle they can be allies as well. When my Venus isolates out of fear, my Sun comes in hot with candid and loving communication.

On Sexuality
How do you ask for what you want? What is your relationship to your sexuality?

Aquarius Moon


My relationship to my sexuality is fun and flirty, just like my Gemini likes it. I feel in tune with my body and its desires when I am free to be myself without possession or suffocation.

On Desire
What drive’s your passions and desires? How do you please yourself?

Taurus Mars


My passion and desire is driven by thorough context, sexy quick-wit, and just the right amount of teasing. There’s nothing more desirable to me than the feeling of desire itself.


Being desired and feeling desire make me feel euphoric. I love slowly getting my way in the end and feeling like I deserve everything I get.  


I please myself through radical honesty. (In and out of the bedroom) When I like something, I say it. When I don’t like something, I say it.


I please myself by making sure I get what I want. As someone who has spent most of my life trying to find my voice, getting to use it satisfies me in every way.