Kindall Almond

On Yourself
What does self-discovery mean to you?


Self-discovery is checking in with my body and mind, and remembering to be kind to myself. There can be so much shame for various reasons that can prevent you from allowing yourself to be explorative and fluid in your sexuality. The journey in sexuality is different for everyone, and I think being honest and patient with yourself and others is key. As a queer person who came out very young, I feel finally at peace in my relationship with my sexuality (although it took a lot of time) and being with an understanding partner has helped to fuel that. My sexuality is deeply tied to my community, my livelihood and my art practice, and I am intent on amplifying other voices in my community.


"A language between food & pleasure."

On Sexuality
How do you give yourself pleasure?

Pleasure for me is in the early mornings, I love the quiet before anyone else is awake to have coffee, stretch, read, and to make time for self-reflection. It helps me to feel more calm, and at peace in my own body before the day starts and chaos begins. I really value my alone time, but also I love morning sex ;)

There is a deep connection and a language between food and pleasure to me. I look forward to summer fruits and vegetables all year, and I love nothing more than cooking a big meal for myself, for my significant other, and with friends. I believe that the party is in the kitchen, and is where you can connect with new people, or friends you already have. I love to support my local farms and food communities, and this particular bounty was from phoenix community garden.

On Womankind
What's your favorite part about being a woman?


My favorite part about being a woman is other women identifying as women! In my grad program, I am surrounded by so many incredible people everyday, and there was such an immediate camaraderie and sense of understanding with them, an unspoken bond before we even knew one another.


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