Joyce Lee

On Yourself
How do you introduce yourself?
What’s your favorite part about being a woman?

A new mom to be this summer! Founder of Her place. & Talk to Her consultancy based in NYC.


Her body, we can create a life and Her  womanhood - Bond, support and community of women mean everything! I definitely experienced it even more ever since I got pregnant and I have another level of appreciation.


My friend & I @tahirahasha

What does motherhood mean to you?

I believe a mother’s love is the most powerful thing in the world! Motherhood means joy, privilege (for some women, not all women want to be mom), sacrifice, forever selflessness & constant learning / trials.

On Your Relationship
What was the best memory during pregnancy?

I’m 7 months pregnant and I love the fact that I’m never alone:) I already know in my heart that I’ll miss feeling my son moving and kicking inside my belly.

What is the relationship dynamic between you and your children or mother [child] and what is a topic that you’re trying to destigmatize or break taboo of generationally?

Fortunately, I have the best relationship with my mom. We are very close and I hope to achieve the same loving, trusting, respecting, warm, and honest relationship with my son. I can’t wait to meet him this summer!


Not all women want to be a mother and not all women should be mothers. There is a myth that being a mom would make Her happy, and it’s not the case for everyone! There is enormous pressure from society on us women, to mothers from society across all cultures and the globe. We need to respect women’s choices and understand Her.

On Pregnancy
What is something that you learned along the journey that you wish you knew prior?

Gestational diabetes so maybe I could’ve prevented it from the get go.

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