Enga Domingue

On Yourself
What’s your favorite part about being a woman? What does self-discovery mean to you?

Capricorn Sun


My name is Enga (She/her) and I’m a Capricorn sun. I feel really connected to being a Capricorn but I ’m also a cusp with Sagittarius and a Leo rising so I definitely feel that fiery energy penetrating through the earth. I feel like both a nurturer and a warrior.


My favorite part about being a woman is the cyclical journey of it all. I don’t think I became a “woman” when I got my period. That saying is so old and outdated. What does it mean to be a woman anyways?


I will say that I became more sure of my femininity and more rooted in my own fluidity nce I realized that my cycle and essentially my whole being was connected to the cycles of the moon and the greater life-death-life cycle of life.


Self discovery is constant exploration, its highs and lows and giving yourself grace through all of it. I ’m really trying to hold space for whatever phases I ’m experiencing.

How does your sun sign relate to your venus when you’re in love?

Both my sun sign and Venus sign have the worst rep for being the stone cold, ice cold, detached in love signs. So when I am in love it's very clear to me, it doesn’t happen just anytime with just anyone.

Despite the stigma of an Aquarius Venus, when we are in love we go all in. We just don’t let ourselves become too consumed with it or defined by it - I love to maintain my individuality and not feel like I ’m enmeshed with someone.

On Sexuality
How do you ask for what you want? What is your relationship to your sexuality?

Libra Moon


I ask for what I want by asking for what I want, it's that simple. My sexuality is sacred, passionate and extremely intimate.

On Desire
What drive’s your passions and desires? How do you please yourself?

Aquarius Mars


My inner child is very loud and I still remember everything she wanted to be. She was always fearless and limitless, she never saw a glass ceiling hindering her from anything.


She was coy but deep inside felt like she could be anything. That childlike certainty that I ’m special and here to do unique things has always been the driving force behind my life.


I please myself by giving myself the best version of life possible, by making my life seem as romantic as possible. I deserve that. I try my best to nurture the real “now” version of myself and not only live in a space of longing for an idealized version of me.

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