Beverly Nguyen

On Yourself
What does self discovery mean to you?

Self discovery is giving yourself room to weigh in on whats really going on inside. It is something that's never finished and we continue to explore our deepest inner thoughts and connection to reveal our vulnerability and sensuality to no one but ourselves.

Can you describe your relationship to your sexuality?

My relationship with my sexuality is always exploring new territory. There is a powerful light that ignites in me every morning and I find myself most honest and confident when I allow myself to be free with my sexuality.

On Sexuality
How do you give yourself pleasure?

By masturbating until I orgasm every morning

How do you ask for what you want?

If it's to my partner: I like to show what I want.

If it's for myself: I allow myself to be in a space to be vulnerable to take time to explore.

On Womankind
What's my favorite part about being a woman?

My power.

What advice would you give a woman in her early self discovery?

Don't be shy or apologetic.

In terms of pleasure what don't you think women don't talk enough about:


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