Her scent. Collection


Body care that loves from the outside-in, pleasuring the senses in warmth, softness, and exhalation.


Formulated with Aphrodisiac essential oils, that instinctively arouse all five senses.


Reintroduce romance into your life.

A place for feeling.
A place for pleasure.
A place for womankind.
And now, you.


Tie it. Wrap it. Lace it. Bind it. Unshackle it.


Her Ribbon is a versatile accessory made of upcycled, high quality fabric and toile from Paris maisons and trimmings from local French drug stores.


Received with love, another collection of Her Ribbons were made from high-end surplus materials sourced locally in NYC.

Her place. will reintroduce romance into every physical space a woman lives in and moves about.

I grew up between two cultures: culturally conservative Seoul and open-minded New York. Though women-centric pleasure is still considered taboo in my birthplace, I am continuously inspired by the sex-positive women in my life who have guided my journey of rediscovery. With Her place, I don't want to just break Asian-American stereotypes. I want to create space for other women to grow alongside a community.


Women are more sexually liberated than ever, feeling free to express themselves in very big and loud ways. While awesome, this alienates women of discerning taste levels to express their sexuality without becoming a cliché.


We have an opportunity here to take back our sense of intimacy, romance, and selfhood.