Zabel Castillo

On Yourself
What does self-discovery mean to you?

Self discovery means creating mindfulness and allowing yourself to be open to growth.


You have to acknowledge who you are, and then be open to change, constructive criticism and evolution. I personally grow through detached analysis, experiences and defying anything that’s taboo.


My favorite part of being a woman is that we’re the matriarchs of the world. We are creators of life and we carry the future forward.


What is your relationship to your sexuality?

I don’t have to conform to one sense of self, feeling or being. I relate to my sexuality in this way because I have a lot of Yang energy, which feels androgynous but in the same vein creates versatility within my personality.

On Sexuality
How do you give yourself pleasure?

Pleasure to me is being vulnerable, and allowing myself to feel all my emotions, whether that be happiness, sadness, pain — it’s all a part of being.


There’s just as much pleasure in beauty as there is in surviving the pain.

On Womenkind
What advice would you have for women early in their self-discovery? In terms of pleasure what do you think women don't talk about enough?

Women don’t speak enough on their needs because naturally we are givers.


Thankfully we live in an era where the paradigms are shifting and we’re beginning to vocalize what we deserve.


My advice to women in early self discovery would be to fight for your individuality and stay true to your core values, while continuing to build them.


There’s freedom in being accountable for yourself and going after the things that you want whatever that may be.

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